Carlo Dorofatti (born in Milan, 1970) has spent most of his working life studying and divulging ancient and modern esoteric knowledge and researching the key components of the inner spiritual awareness related to this New Era.   

For over ten years – until 2004 – Carlo lived in the spiritual community of Damanhur where he practiced and taught spiritual physics and techniques to extend the human perceptions. In this period he had the opportunity to visit many communities around the world, extending his knowledge of human spirituality applied to social projects. He left the community preferring a more autonomous and independent path.

Carlo, together with his partner Ileana, lived in Yaoundè (Cameroun) in 2005, and then in Dubai, and has recently moved to Italy in 2009 to work on his latest book as well as to promote the creation of an international network of independent researchers. 

In 2005 he founded the cul­tural organ­i­sa­tion called “Ascen­sione 93″, based in Italy, which is supported by a wide network of international groups of researchers and focuses on the following main areas of study: 

  • Esoteric traditions,
  • Traditional and modern spiritual paths,
  • Ancient myths,
  • Spiritual healing traditions,
  • Metaphysics and Multi-Dimensional Esoteric Physics,
  • Ufology and related phenomena,
  • Meditation and personal growth techniques.

Carlo is a member of the International Conference on Ancient Studies -  together with renowned authors Graham Hancock, Robert Bauval, Robert Schoch, Michael Cremo, John Major Jenkins, Andrew Collins and many other relevant international researchers and authors. 

Carlo has published over 200 articles and 9 e-books. His most recent and much awaited book - “Nient’Altro che Sé Stessi” (Nexus Ed.) - was recently published in Italy, and is available in most Italian book stores. Carlo speaks regularly at conferences and lectures in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. His studies on certain areas of Western Esoteric Traditions are well known in academic circles which focus on this topic.