Friday, August 12, 2016
The door is within us

Magic doesn’t really exist and neither do its deities.

Angles or Demons, Messiahs or Masters, techniques or Miracles, Magic Formulas or Rituals, none of it is real in absolute terms. There are neither guides nor saviours, on Earth or elsewhere, no churches, no secret Brotherhoods or cosmic Vaticans ready to save or enslave us (or both).

We have never required them. We no longer need them.

There isn’t a “beyond” nor a land of the living, no astral planes or anything that isn’t the fruit of our minds, our hopes and our fears.

There is nothing to be saved from. There are neither creditors nor judges.
The question is within us and the answer is not “out there”.
We are not only the mystery. We are both the lock and the key.

Hermeticism? Meditation? Alchemy? Initiation?
Just symbols. Perhaps useful expedients but not for much longer. Extracted from the conscious awareness behind which we usually hide as we chase chimeras and generate monsters. The means and the end are confused.
Of course, you may have heard me speak (and will continue to do so) about each and every one of these topics and much more. Well, it doesn’t matter as they are all fairy tales! They are only useful as illustrations to us, the little children of Consciousness. However, in a different way than traditional children tales, they are not meant to put us to sleep (that, we have been doing for far too long and not in a good way) but to shake us, perhaps to amaze us and ultimately, to awaken us.

Down with the masks: let the ancient and new myths dissolve, let the ghosts of our minds vanish, let all the gods of every epoch evaporate.

We do not need paranormal powers, activations, benedictions or illuminations: we already have and already are all that we need (for free).

This is the New Era.

Having said all this, allow me to share some views and relevant questions. Although I am not interested in providing answers or “finding” solutions, I shall perpetually continue my quest and search, with the only conviction that when you assume or decide that you “found” the absolute truth, you’ve also established the limits of your own reality and Free Will.

It is perfectly fine to have the freedom to define the boundaries of one’s own reality; however that should not spill over in attempting to define the boundaries of the reality of others.
I enjoy navigating through contradictions, through paradoxes, confronting the possible paths to new questions, keeping a lucid view on the relationship between everyday life, inner reality, exploration and spirituality in practical, brief and honest terms.

After all, we are here to join the opposites: spiritualise matter, stabilise change, finding ourselves in others, finding the infinite everywhere and eternity in every moment with utmost indifference and great involvement.

And after every step I wonder “so?”
So what? What difference does it make for me to know this? How does living through this affect me? How does it change me? How does my life change? My relationship with things, with others, with events: how does it change? What’s different about it?
What does it mean? What should I do now?
After all the conferences and symposia I’ve heard, courses taken, books read, travels, experiences, choices made, actions taken and not taken, what have I really learned? Have I truly improved my life? Have I improved myself?
Am I really living and experiencing or am I just collecting notions and illusions? Am I nourishing myself or just fattening my Ego?

Has perhaps my life become some sort of hobby that I focus on whenever I have time, as I am preoccupied with family, work, paying the mortgage, the latest film not to be missed and the latest book on spirituality that I must read?
Perhaps, as we grow tired of football players’ misfortunes, political circus shows and the rambling of religious preachers we attempt to escape all that by cultivating an interest in the New Age concepts or in Esotericism: a book, a conference, the latest course, we dig for news on the good old pyramids of Egypt and the latest mysterious archaeological findings, we enquire into the latest gossip on Mary Magdalene and of course, search for the latest conspiracy on the internet… Very entertaining as long as you don’t fall into the tight grip of some unscrupulous “guru”.

However, delving superficially into these topics is parallel to stopping at a door in front of you and limiting yourself to describing the frame, the handle, the decorations and hinges, without actually opening it. Yes, you’ve figured out it is a door. You know everything about it by now. So now what? Do you want to continue talking about those who built it and went through it many years ago? The whys and hows? Or do you want to perhaps actually experience things yourself, open it and walk through it?

So we’ve understood that reality, this reality, is not the whole reality. Or perhaps that it is not even real. Great. So what?
We’ve understood that we have cosmic origins and are part of a Whole which is spiritual, multidimensional, eternal and omnipresent. Wonderful. And?

All is One? Fantastic! So?

I want to centre my attention on the real values, the simple, natural, authentic values that allow me to chose a certain lifestyle, both social and individual, that will lead to improving myself; I want to rediscover the contact with (my) nature and the superior forces within and outside of me (which in the end are all within anyway).
Perhaps the summary of thousands of years of religious beliefs, myths, spiritual traditions, cults, sects, messiahs, masters, books, rites, therapies, mystics, magi, contactees and prophets… is just this:

There is nothing else but Ourselves.

And this is by no means a light statement.
That is the disenchantment. The awakening from the illusions and the awareness of the real mystery: our own selves.
Beware: this is not rhetoric. It is the real matrix to be discovered, the Grail to be brought to light.

The door is actually within us.